We are a team of photographers that are dedicated to put together the best workshop series for glamour, fashion, beauty, nude and non-nude photography in the area.  We not only focus on taking pictures, but learning and networking with like minded individuals.  Together we can learn more about this amazing industry!

Our workshops are aimed at beginner through advanced photographers who want to build up their portfolio.

We'll setup the lighting and style the shoot in three distinct sets that will give you a variety of looks.  Speaking of lighting, we love our lighting, from bright looks that pop to dark and moody ones for dramatic effect we use a variety of strobes, modifiers and equipment to get some unique sets.

This is not a “safari” style shoot, our workshops are strictly one-on-one.  That means you will not have to bump elbows with the photographer next to you or try to get the models attention when it's your turn to shoot.  Each photographer will have the opportunity to shoot the model one-on-one in each of the three sets.

Workshops (unless otherwise noted) are 4 hours limited to 7 photographers, shortened to a little less time if we have 5 or less attendees, which will allow everyone to get plenty of shots during the span of the event. On average you will take home between 200-500 frames, depending on your style of shooting.

Our models will pose undirected (for the beginners) or you can direct as needed for our more experienced photographers.  Our events are tailored for anyone from beginners to professionals.  Do you like props?  have a specific T-shirt or clothing item you'd like the model to wear?  Bring it to the shoot, you are in control when it's your turn.  During this time each person will be allowed to do some minor lighting tweaks on their own or with our assistance/guidance if needed.

For those just starting out, we won't leave you behind.  We make sure everyone has the proper settings on their cameras, the right equipment and give you all the help you could need.

We'll take care of the hard stuff...we'll provide the studio, pocket wizards, assistance, snacks and drinks.  Just bring yourself and your camera!