Q: What's included in the price of admission?

A: With your attendance fee you'll get your shoot time, snacks, drinks, a "promotional use" model release (delivered digitally) and all lighting diagrams used that day as well.  

Q: What genres will we shoot at these events?

A: We shoot everything from glamour, fashion, beauty, swimsuit, art-nude and lifestyle photography.  As such our sets vary from shoot to shoot depending on the model's skill set and specialty

Q: What do i need to bring?

A: Just your camera with a hotshoe and manual settings capable.  No point and shoots fellas.  We'll provide the rest, food, snacks, lighting, pocket wizards (channel 23 if you bring your own), TV, and our assistance (if you'd like)

Q: Are BTS shots allowed?

A: While we don't have an issue with behind-the-scenes shooting that includes the lighting setup, photographers, makeup artists and models, please make sure you have everyone's permission before doing so.  Some models have a strict no BTS shooting policy, and we'll let you know of that before hand.  We do however discourage shooting only the model while it's another photographers turn

Q: Can I sell the images I take? What type of model release will I receive?

A: You cannot sell the images taken at a Fairfax Photography Collective Event.  Our standard model release with a model is a "Promotional Use Only Release) which basically allows you to use the images to promote your business wether online or in print.  Commercial releases can be arranged with most of our models on a case-by-case basis and we can provide pricing on that if you need one.

Q: I attended an event how do I get my model release and lighting diagrams?

A: Both will be sent to you via email within 7-10 days after the completion of the workshop or event.  The lighting diagrams of all our workshops will also be up for sale but if you attended an event you'll get that event's for free.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If the event is cancelled or rescheduled for any reason you are entitled to a full refund.  If an event is rescheduled you have the option to accept the new date/time as well.  If you will be unable to make an event and you purchased either a deposit ticket or full ticket, you may request a refund, however one will only be provided if the event is both another photographer takes your slot and the event is sold out.

Q: What's the pricing for these events? What are 1-on-1 tickets?

A: The pricing is listed under each workshop's page.  If the model has selected to do so, she will shoot 1-on-1 with photographers after the main workshop has concluded at a rate they have agreed upon in 30 minute slots. 

Q: What payment types do you take at the event?

A: We currently take cash, all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) and Apple Pay


Have a question we didn't answer?  Send it our way below, we'll add it to the FAQ if it's something we feel everyone should hear about.