Bellingham, Washington
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New comer Ireland Rose from Bellingham, Washington will be visiting us in two weeks.  She has an amazing look and will definitely be someone you'll want to add to your portfolio.  We'll be shooting Ireland in 3 different sets in which you'll be able to make minor tweaks to lighting and clothing.  This will be a 4 hour group shoot limited to 7 photographers, shortened to 3 hours if we have 5 or less attendees, which will allow everyone to get plenty of shots during the span of the event. This is not a “safari” style shoot.


Date: 6/15/16
Time: 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Genre: Glamour, Fashion, Beauty
Nudity: Full Nude, Playboy Style
Location: The Softbox Studio
Cost: $110 ($60 RSVP, $50 due at the event)